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Your swimming pool requires a lot of care? With Domintell you can automate the sanitary management and the water renewal with the data collected by our Master module from your various sensors. It will take care of sending the necessary orders so that your pool would execute actions allowing to treat the water or to adjust its temperature for an optimal comfort inside. All these settings can be remotely configured from anywhere with our module connecting your installation top our network and allowing it to receive information through our modules.

This connectivity also allows your pool to self-regulate: if the temperature of the water changes because of the weather, our systems will be informed and will trigger heating actions on your installation. Also, each of those temperatures can be linked to a specific lighting.

Our smart lighting systems will allow you to create your own atmospheres for your pool, and thus to customize different atmospheres such as cosy or party ones.

Moreover, you can also make your aquatic space safer with Domintell thanks to movements sensors linked to the alarm system of your house. You are then able to control the access to your family swimming pool and prevent any accident by being alerted by the modules which process the presence information and trigger the alarm system already installed in your home.

With Domintell your whole family bathes safely!