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Domintell always mentions "total control at hand" with its system but only seems to work through physical buttons? You could use a wide range remote control which would also allow you to check your house status? We thought of you.

This is why we offer you alongside our modules the Domintell Pilot mobile app. This brand new app gives you access to numerous features granting you total control over your devices all around your house via your internet connection. You can now interact with your whole home automation system from anywhere inside your house while being connected to the Wi-Fi. A simple touch on your mobile touchscreen, and all you lights of your house turn on, heating starts, music plays etc. All your daily life devices can be controlled from the palm of your hand with a single finger, via your Apple or Android smartphone thanks to a all-together user-friendly interface. The Domintell Pilot app is available for free on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.