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Water ourself our garden is always tidious, it requires time and energy. Especially since it is usually done on a beautiful sunny day when we would rather bask in the sun. What could be better than be able to configure the whole automated watering system in order to anticipate its triggering or its duration? Thanks to its automation by Domintell, watering becomes self-sufficient.

With the Domintell technology and its association with your different sensors, your system adapts to various situations and acts depending on them. You can indeed have a watering based on the humidity level of your lawn, the weather of the day or a precise time. Configure it according to your preferences for a watering based on your own garden needs all along the year. It also possible for you to create an atmosphere and customized lights for your garden, thus designing an atmosphere of your taste. The Domintell system allows you to create a garden to your image, which will evolve depending on the time of the day or others parameters you previsouly set.