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You have had a long day? Sit back, relax in your chair and let Domintell start your Hi-Fi system. Every awakening is tough? Configure a start-up at a precise time with a progressive turning-up of the volume. Your remote and connected multi-room audio systems give you the best sound. For relaxation or party atmospheres all around your house, our Hi-Fi amplifiers will allow you to adapt your musical atmosphere to your needs on multiple devices connected to it.

Four auxiliary inputs, four auxiliary outputs and up to four pairs of speakers can be connected to it, multiplying the audio possibilities so that the audiophiles can customize at best their experience et push it to a top-level performance. Our sophisticated system of amplification also receives information from your installation thanks to our modules, its functioning can then be controlled from anywhere. With the Domintell audio system, you manage and distribute the audio as you think best.