Why Domintell?

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Among all the different home automation offers, why choose Domintell?

Our values

For over 30 years, Domintell has been the specialist of smart buildings management systems development for individuals and professionnals. From the design of all our softwares to the production of our own electronical products to a daily support service for all our equipments, Domintell is unique in how we master our whole value-chain.

Our technology

Domintell is a highly performing, lasting, sturdy and upgradable BUS system: which means that besides having original installations still running today, at any moment new extensions can be combined with current installations. It is also a fully integrated system for a total control over the outputs, an open system for the development of third-party control applications and it is configurable at will by its users.

Our network
Around 10, 000 installations, in over 35 countries, run with with the Domintell technology. To the great satisfaction of our customers, our technology has always proven to be perfectly stable and relaiable, most of our original systems being still running today. Moreover, we have always made a point of honour of equiping the whole world.

Our services

At Domintell we always made sure of insuring the maintenance and durability of our systems by guaranteeing a quality support service, answering any questions about your installation, our products or our technology. Also, all the Domintell products have a warranty which allows you to call upon our customer service in case of an issue with your installation.