20 years of innovation

by Domintell


Drag & Drop


Domintell is the first to use the « drag & drop » for the configuration of its home automation system. Many will try to copy, but always unsuccessfully because it was planned from the beginning and not added afterwards.


Total integration 

One of the unique features of Domintell: all triggers of actions (be it a pushbutton, a SMS, an eletrical signal, etc.) are equivalent and interchangeable.


Luminous buttons  

First luminous button with status display, immediate hit.


Design luminous remote control

A remote control capable of lighting up when grasped and gradually turning off after being put down.


Black/White screen (thermostat + remote control)

Not only the first commercialized home automation screen, but also a thermostat and a remote controlled are embedded.


Astronomical clock

Meanwhile at the time many systems proudly announce four clocks, Domintell allows the use of as many as necessary and most of all introduces the astronomical clock which allows numerous automatisms without dedicated sensor.


Mobile control

Before internet for all, Domintell is already controllable from anywhere in the world. It is still the only system which allows to inform about a power cut.


Pronto interface

Domintell produces an interface for the Philips Pronto. Philips will claim that this integration was the best of all.


First color LCD pushbutton

It allows the control of all the Domintell features, including climate and audio.


Distribution in over 35 countries

At the dawn of the third millenium, Domintell is distributed in over 35 countries, on 4 continents.


IP connectivity (light protocole)

Domintell opens up to the IP connectivity and develops the « light protocol ». This allowing all the software developers to pilot the Domintell systems.


IP screen

Domintell commercializes its firsts IP compatible TFT color screens.


IP videophone

The first videophone commercialized by Domintell. Even the name display is configurable and can change automatically.


GoldenGate start

After 15 years of distinguished service, the configuration software starts showing its age. This is why Domintell start the GoldenGate project. Very ambitious, it is about a total rewriting of its software and an opening towards the new players such as the internet of things.


Rainbow range launch

True to its reputation in matter of design, Domintell launches the Rainbow range, the only switches with infinite luminous color range.


Rainbow LCD range launch (configuration)

The Rainbow range expands with the DPBRLCD02. Several control pages and the possibility for the user to load its own icons or pictures.


Domintell Pilot Launch

Many iOS or Android apps exist for Domintell. This time, Domintell fully produces its own app and it is 100% free.