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Renault Garage Pashuysen

The Pashuysen group has been active in the automotive sector for 60 years already.

Service delivery, customer reception and personalized contact daily contribute to its success.

In order to give it a tangible form, the branches are designed in such a way that the customer particularly feels home. A smooth atmosphere from his entrance in the showroom makes the customer feel important. To shape such an atmosphere, it is essential to be able to activate it in a efficient and user-friendly way. Domintell is then the perfect partner. The lighting and sound settings are enabled from the central command on the touchscreen. No time is lost with switches or buttons. Simply with a few touches on the screen, the perfect configuration is set. Same when leaving and closing the facility, no need to run around the building. With a single command, the “night mode” takes place.

The Leuven showroom already being the third branch of the group equipped with the Domintell system, there is a consistency in the system. All the branches benefit from the mode of operation, which makes the management of some features easier for the staff.

Indeed, at Pashuysen, time is not a constraint for successfully completing our mission anymore, which is to serve the customer in the best way possible!

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For more information about the project, download our detailed reference sheet.